Our Circles


“ Peer learning opportunities in a safe space ”

In line with the segmentation FBN International has developed overtime FBN Belgium has different Circles that bring together the roles in a family business that are key to our mission statement: share best practices and the knowledge and insights that promotes family cohesion and responsible ownership to help our members to develop the family business across generations.

These Circles meet once a year and commit to sharing their learnings during a plenary session when appropriate.

Logo Board Chair Circle

Photos in action JL Cartier-3
Jean-Louis de Cartier

President Board Chair Circle

Logo CEO Circle

Photos in action VB-1
Vincent Bia

President CEO Circle

Logo Family Council

Photo rond JM S-2
Jean-Marie Solvay

President Family Council Circle

Logo Family Office

wim Hendrix
Wim Hendrix

President Family Office Circle

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Photo rond SLV-1
Sophie Lammerant Velge

President Impact Circle


Logo Board Chair Circle Photos in action JL Cartier-3

Chair: Jean-Louis de Cartier (G7 & Chair Brepols, G2 & Chair Cartamundi, G4 & past Chair Etex, G4 Aliaxis & Board Member FBN Belgium)

Open to: Board Chairs (family only) of our member Family Businesses

Mission: Promote and exchange good governance through peer learning during the circles sessions.

Frequency: Once a year

Invitation: By invitation only

Logo CEO CirclePhotos in action VB-1

Chair: Vincent Bia (G3 & CEO Bia Group & Board Member FBN Belgium)

Open to: CEOs (family only) of our member family businesses.

Mission: Peer learning exchanges on topics that are part of their daily preoccupation in managing the family business

Frequency: Once / twice a year

Invitation: By invitation only

20230314 Picture CEO Circle Goudsmet - Copie-1
Family Charter (18) - Copie

Logo Family CouncilPhoto rond JM S-2

Chair: Jean-Marie Solvay (G6 Solvay, Chair Solvac, & Board Member FBN Belgium)

Open to: Family Council Chairs (family & non-family) of our members Family Businesses and when explicitly indicated to:

  • 2 additional members of the council
  • All

Mission: Promote and exchange good family governance practices through peer learning exchanges

Frequency: Once a year

Invitation: Open to all or by invitation only (depending on the topic)

Logo Family Officewim Hendrix

Chair: Wim Hendrix , G2 & CEO Homeport Family Services, Board Member FBN Belgium

Open to: An exhaustive list of 16 Single* Family Offices represented by:

  • their Family Executive Director
  • their Non-family Executive Directors are welcome at the official request of the family and preferably accompanied by a family member

*Multi-family offices are in principle excluded, but he circle can decide to make an exception

Mission: Exchanges on Family Office related best practices and learnings.

Frequency: Once a year

Invitation: By invitation only

Why II
AS FBN Polaris - 056-1

Logo Impact Circle-1Photo rond SLV-1

Chair: Sophie Lammerant Velge, G4 Bekaert, Vice President FBN Belgium

Open to: All members

Mission: Impact or Sustainability has been in the DNA of Family Businesses long before the world started to give it the attention it deserves. Business cases and best practices with a main focus on sustainability have been shared in this Circle since 2016.

Frequency: Once a year